Online Systems offers:

The current support rate for advanced website support is from R600 per hour. This includes:

Some businesses require more support on a monthly basis. We have worked out monthly advanced support packages based on time needed. We can give a discount on these because they are monthly packages paid monthly in advance for a minimum of 3 months.

2 Hours per month: R1000 / month (save R200)

5 Hours per month: R2500 / month (save R500)

10 Hours per month: R5200 / month (save R800)

There are a couple levels of website support available for you:

Level 1: Website content: Adding content, images, changing words etc. - R400 / 60 minutes.

Level 2: Extension support: Directly with extension supplier. This will be specific per website extension.

Level 3: Advanced support: System support, security, updates and backups - support per hour or packages as above.

Level 4: Custom coding: Not part of these packages. A project will be detailed and scoped before work starts.

All support requests must please be logged via the client ticket support system. This allows for support tracking and faster support service.

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