SEO Google

Is your website on Google? Nope. You might be in need of SEO Google.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is many times making small changes to your website so it ranks and performs better on search engines. Yes, sometimes there are big changes, for instance if your website is extremely slow it might mean rebuilding it. 

People are on the web searching for information. Your website should cater for these people who are looking for information.

Where to start?

There are two key items:

- Indexed: Index basically means your website is listed with a search engine. When people search; they are not searching the web; but the search engine data. This is why it is so fast. it will be impossible to have search results that fast if you needed to search the whole internet every time a search is done.

- Ranking: Where is your website listed when someone searches for your types of products or services? Are you on page 1, 2, 3, 4, etc?

How do you get your website indexed?

If your website is not indexed there are a couple of ways to notify Google of your website. The first is using Google Search console. In essence this submits your website to Google. 

The second way is having your website listed where Google will find (discover) it.

How do you improve your website ranking?

SEO is about improving your website rankings. There are typically 10 places on a page 1 when someone does a search. This means, you are competing against other business for one of these positions. 

As a SEO company we provide SEO services to help you rank better in search engines.