Campaigns Processes

We run multiple campaigns for clients. Here is a typical month:

  • We have our invoice run around the 24th of the month
  • Once your payment is received do we add your work on a our project schedule
  • The project schedule is for the current month
  • Work and resources are allocated according to what needs to be done (Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, etc)
  • We use a project tool for the scheduling. Your work items gets completed according to the planned schedule
  • Every Monday the previous and new week is reviewed

Sometimes there are change or update requests or updates. These are scheduled and completed based on the project plan.

New campaigns: Sometimes there are new campaigns to be done. If it is in scope, we will setup the campaign and send links for approval. Once approved will the campaign(s) be made live. Relevant content, images, etc needs to be provided.

Creating new campaigns differ in length and complexity. For these reasons we will give estimates for the work to be completed. Delays in receiving key information will impact delivery times. 

If the campaign is out of scope or a new campaign, then we will scope for it and give a quote. Once the quote is approved will we generate an invoice for payment. Once payment is received will we schedule the work to be completed.

All campaigns will be sent for approval. Once approved will we invoice for campaign management. When payment is received will campaigns be made live.

Here is a typical new campaign process